DT 7800-212: Workstation PC, NIOS

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  • PC based alarm monitoring workstation
  • Monitors alarms over network
  • User‑friendly, plan‑based, GUI
  • Alarm tones to alert operators
  • Text and graphical indication of alarm source
  • Document M compatible acknowledge / accept function
  • Fault monitoring
  • Easy configuration
  • BMS data output
  • Ideal for remote monitoring in large sites
  • Compatible with emergency assistance and other alarms

Our Disabled Toilet Alarm Range

Our vandal resistant emergency assistance alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300‑2 and document M compatible systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone alarms, multiple alarm systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVCS, building alarms, etc. For larger and smarter sites, we offer networked solutions with optional BMS interfaces. Ideal for hospitals, railway stations, hotels, airports and other public spaces.

Workstation PC, NIOS

Our NIOS PC Workstation enables operators to monitor remote disabled toilet system alarms and faults over standard IP networks. Reducing cabling and installation costs.

The workstation alerts operators to alarms by generating a warning tone. The source of the alarm is indicated on a site plan, enabling a speedy response to activations.

The acknowledge function allows local or remote devices to 'accept' and temporarily mute alarms, giving reassurance that help is on its way and making verbal communication easier. If the alarm has not been reset within two minutes the alarm is reactivated.

NIOS provides network and communications fault reporting to aid maintenance and help ensure reliability. NIOS also reports toilet alarm cabling faults etc. when used in conjunction with our enhanced controllers.

Our workstation cannot usually be used to reset alarms. Disabled toilet alarms can only be reset at the toilet ‘reset unit’ to ensure staff attendance in the event of an alarm activation.

All alarms and faults are recorded in an event log which can easily be viewed on the workstation.

The workstation is usually supplied fully configured to your specifications. If changes are required for maintenance, etc. the NIOS application has built‑in configuration pages to make any required adjustments.

The NIOS application offers an output stream for third‑party systems, enabling our disabled toilet alarms to be incorporated into BMS and other systems.

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