UPDATE: Water Resistant Pull Cord

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About Our Water Resistant IP65 Pull Cord

New! high‑quality, cost‑effective, IP65 alarm pull cord unit.

The pull cord‘s robust ABS construction offers long‑term resistance to water ingress, making this unit ideal for ‘wet’ areas, e.g. showers, saunas, pools.

Compatible with Folknoll disabled toilet emergency assistance and other care alarms.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • IP65 Alarm Pull Cord ‑ Good, reliable, lasting resistance to water ingress.

  • Robust construction, hidden fixings ‑ Ideal for public use.

  • 3000mm or cord and 2 pull handles / bangles ‑ For high‑level and low‑level activation.

  • Can be daisy‑chained for multiple activation points ‑ Extends reachable areas within alarm zone.

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