DT7501.19: PSU 12V1A NIOS Server 1-Zone Reset Relay, Battery Backed, Surface, Steel White

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  • Local system PSU with reset button and NIOS interface
  • Energy efficient switch mode design
  • Relay interface for BMS, etc.
  • NIOS compatible ethernet interface for remote monitoring
  • Built‑in stainless steel, illuminated, reset button
  • White painted, mild steel construction
  • Robust, wall mount enclosure
  • Compatible with Folknoll emergency assistance alarms

PSU 12V1A NIOS Server 1-Zone Reset Relay, Battery Backed, Surface, Steel White

Combined PSU, relay, IP interface, reset button and backup battery housing in a single white painted steel surface mount enclosure.

The internal relay is usually configured as an alarm activated output for BMS and other systems. Alternative configurations are available, please contact Folknoll for details.

Network Interface
This unit has an internal NIOS compatible network interface, which can connect to Folknoll touch screen GUIs to offer remote alarm monitoring over standard networks.

Illuminated Reset button
The reset button is an additional local system reset. The button illumination indicates the state of the local alarm, typically flashing for alarm activated and steady for alarm acknowledged.

Please note BS standards require an accessible reset button within the alarm zone.


Stainless steel, illuminated, push button
Switch mode
230Vac (mains)
12Vdc, 1A
Mild steel, painted finish, white
Vertical surface (wall) mount enclosure
Enclosure box
Width: 230mm, height: 200mm, depth: 80mm (approx.)
Enclosure with lid
Width: 235mm, height: 205mm, depth: 90mm (approx.)

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