UPDATE: Document M Emergency Assistance

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About Document M Emergency Assistance Alarms

Do you have a requirement for a DOCUMENT M VOLUME 2 compatible emergency assistance alarm?

Consider the following clauses from The Department for Communities and Local Government statutory guidance

  • 4.24r an emergency assistance call signal outside an accessible bedroom is located so that it can be easily seen and heard by those able to give assistance and, in any case at a central control point
  • 5.3h‑i visual and audible indicators to confirm that an emergency call has been received;
  • 5.10n the emergency assistance call signal outside the toilet compartment is located so that it can be easily seen and heard by those able to give assistance;

In many cases you will need a remote indicator panel and an acknowledge / acceptance mechanism to comply with these requirements.

Folknoll's enhanced disabled toilet alarm system can help you conform to DOCUMENT M for toilet, bedroom and other emergency assistance alarms.

To help comply with 4.24r and 5.10n our system allows you to install one or more remote indicator panels throughout your site; bringing alarm indication to receptions, control rooms, staff rooms, etc.

To comply with part 5.3h‑i our enhanced control system offers a remote 'acceptance ' function, activated by pressing an acknowledge button on the remote indicator panel; allowing responders to reassure users that help is on its way.

Folknoll ‐ meeting standards since 1975.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • DOCUMENT M compliant emergency assistance alarms? We can help!

  • Remote beacon sounders, indicator panels and LCD displays located to be seen by ‘those able to give assistance’.

  • Acknowledge function to ‘confirm that an emergency call has been received’.

  • Range of additional activators to make your alarm system even more accessible, including our new water‑resistant pneumatic button.

  • Integration with other systems including disabled refuge EVCS and fire telephone.

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