UPDATE: Disabled Toilet Alarms Over Telephone Lines

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About Our Disabled Toilet Alarms Over Telephone Line Systems

Folknoll now offer remote monitoring over telephone lines for disabled toilet and other emergency assistance alarms.

We have added an auto dialler to our vandal resistant disabled toilet range. This unit automatically calls a preprogrammed number in the event of an alarm activation. The user can explain the problem to a member of staff, who can organise an appropriate response.

The alarm can only be reset from within the toilet area to encourage staff to attend the location when an alarm is triggered.

The system can be added to an existing telephone network, reducing installation costs and benefiting from telephone network features, e.g. night‑time call forwarding and DECT handsets.

This system is already in use at a major UK sports club.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Emergency assistance alarm with intercom.

  • 2‑way speech helps staff make initial assessment remotely, great for large sites.

  • Uses standard telephone cables, can use existing lines or cabling infrastructure to save installation costs.

  • Can take advantage of telephone system features, call divert, etc.

  • Ideal for retrofits and upgrades.

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