UPDATE: Antimicrobial Alarm Strips

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About Antimicrobial Alarm Strips

We now offer illuminated alarm‑strips treated with antimicrobial compounds to give greater protection for users.

Antimicrobial compounds inhibit the growth of pathogens and reduce the risk of infection, making our strips even more suitable for use in sensitive locations, e.g. care homes and hospitals. The IP67 version can even be used in ‘wet’ areas, e.g. pools, saunas and showers.

Folknoll supply standard, illuminated and IP67 alarm‑strips in a range of colours and styles. Fixings for corners, bends, etc. are available enabling strips to be mounted in most locations.

Our control systems provide alarm monitoring, fault detection and illumination control for single zone sites, e.g. disabled toilets and for multi‑zone sites, e.g. police custody suites. The control system also offers outputs for additional sounders, beacons, etc. and interfaces for external systems, e.g. BMS, SMS and locking control.

Strips are illuminated if active, flashed on alarm and the illumination is switched off if a fault detected. Users know if a strip is illuminated it can be used to call for assistance.

Strip illumination attracts attention, indicates the system is active, reinforces the deterrent effect and provides reassurance to the vulnerable.

Folknoll alarm‑strip products are ideal for disabled toilet / emergency assistance alarms, personal attack alarms, custody suite security systems and affray alarm systems.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Treated with antimicrobial compounds to give greater protection for users.

  • Range of standard, illuminated and IP67 alarm‑strips.

  • Control, monitoring and fault detection for up to 150 zones.

  • Single zone system for disabled toilets, etc.

  • Alarm‑strip illumination control (on when normal, flashing if alarm, off if fault).

  • Standard LCD and LED remote indicator panels, customised panels on request.

  • Alarm outputs for local and central beacons, sounders, BMS, security systems, radio, etc.

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