UPDATE: Custom Alarm Panels

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About Custom Alarm Panels - The Easy Choice

Cost‑effective, high‑quality, low quantity, custom alarms panels, designed by experienced engineers and delivered direct from the manufacturer.

Robust construction, metal panels and buttons offering long‑term resistance to wear and tear.

Custom text, graphics, LED indicators enabling operators to quickly identify and respond to alarms.

Optional mute, acknowledge, accept functions to silence sounders and reassure users that assistance is arriving shortly.

Use of standard components offering high availability spares, easy maintenance and longer operational life.

Ideal for NOMS compliant custodial/affray/panic/staff/general alarms and BS 8300‑2 compatible emergency assistance/accessible/PRM/disabled alarms.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Clear audio and visual alarm indication ‑ Easy to operate in emergency.

  • Tough, robust construction ‑ Fit for purpose, withstands vigorous use in high pressure situations.

  • Simple, reliable, design ‑ Long product life, easy to obtain spares and maintain.

  • Custom graphics, text, buttons, etc. ‑ Designed for your location and its environment.

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