DT7550.98: Controller, Input, 16-Zone

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  • Monitors up to 16 alarm zones and interfaces to Folknoll RS485 network
  • Fault monitoring mode
  • Outputs for local beacon / sounders and document M acknowledge from remote device
  • Pairs with Folknoll output controllers and LCD indicator panels
  • Diagnostic LEDs and pluggable terminal block connections to assist installation and maintenance
  • Input polarity can be reversed for compatibility with third‑party systems
  • Can be networked together to monitor up to 256 channels
  • Usually supplied as part of a custom designed system

Our Disabled Toilet Alarm Range

Our vandal resistant emergency assistance alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300‑2 and document M compatible systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone alarms, multiple alarm systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVCS, building alarms, etc. For larger and smarter sites, we offer networked solutions with optional BMS interfaces. Ideal for hospitals, railway stations, hotels, airports and other public spaces.

The DT7550.98, Controller, Input, 16-Zone

Our alarm transfer system transmits alarm and fault states over RS485 and IP networks, offering remote monitoring with document M compatible acknowledge. Input controllers, output controllers, SNI controllers and LCD indicator panels are networked together to transfer up to 256 alarms over a single system.

Folknoll input controllers monitor up to 16 emergency assistance alarm zones, (8 with fault monitoring). Input controllers offer alarm consolidation with outputs for local beacon sounders and remote acknowledge.

To aid installation, commissioning and maintenance all connectors are screw terminal plugs type, there are two loop‑through connectors for Folknoll RS485 / power and boards have diagnostic LEDs for zone state / fault, RS485 state and output states.

Folknoll input controllers now have reversible input polarity for compatibility with third‑party systems.

Controllers are usually supplied as part of a custom system in fully enclosed surface mount enclosures, system PSUs or rack mount enclosures (to suit site requirements). Please specify when ordering.


16 alarm zones
Local beacon sounder, acknowledge from remote device
Bus connectors
Width: 144mm, height: 108mm (approx.)
12Vdc / 24Vdc, usually supplied by battery backed system PSU

Suitable for


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