IA9010.00: Controller, 5-Zone, Steel Grey

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  • Controller for up to 5 alarm‑strips
  • Fault monitoring
  • Strip illumination control
  • Outputs for beacons, sounders, indicator panels, BMS, security systems, etc.
  • Operates stand‑alone ‑ activating local beacons, sounders, etc.
  • Operates as part of an integrated system ‑ communicating alarms and faults to the security management system
  • Compatible with Folknoll general alarm, custody suite and disabled toilet alarm systems
  • Grey painted, mild steel construction
  • Robust, wall mount enclosure with DIN rail
  • Can be fitted to existing systems to add alarm‑strip fault monitoring

Our Intelligent Affray Alarm Range

We supply standard, illuminated and IP65 alarm‑strips, in a range of colours and styles. Fixings for corners, bends, etc. are also available enabling strips to be mounted in most locations. Our system can control up to 150 strips and is monitored from tough, stainless steel, indicator panels which can be customised to match site requirements.

Controller, 5-Zone, Steel Grey

The IA 9010.00 controller monitors and controls up to 5 illuminated alarm‑strips.

Active strips are illuminated to attract attention and indicate that the alarm system is operational. Alarmed strips are flashed to reassure staff / users that the alarm has been activated. Faulty strips are reported and their illumination is switched off so staff know the strip is not operational and the fault can be addressed.

In stand‑alone systems, the controller activates local beacons, sounders, indicator panels and other devices when an alarm occurs.

When used as part of an integrated system the controller will activate local beacons, sounders, indicator panels, etc. and will also pass alarms and faults to the control system.

Controllers can also be used to add fault monitoring and strip illumination to existing alarm‑strip systems.

The controller is installed between the existing strips and the existing monitoring system strips, alarms are passed to the existing monitoring system and handled as before, faults and illumination are handled by the Folknoll controller.

Suitable for custodial, security, disability and similar applications.


Max system
Mild steel, painted finish, grey
Surface (wall) mount enclosure

Suitable for