IA9000.00: Indicator Panel, LCD, Stainless

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  • Indicator panel for up to 150 alarm / panic / affray strips
  • Alerts staff to alarms and faults
  • 16‑character LCD alarm display
  • Keyed or standard reset button, mute button, fault LED
  • Integral sounder
  • Output for auxiliary beacons / sounders
  • Vandal resistant, stainless steel construction
  • Flush or surface mount, anti‑tamper fixings
  • Suitable for public areas

About our Indicator Panel, LCD, Stainless

Folknoll strip‑switch alarm products offer fault monitoring and strip illumination for multiple strip‑switch systems.

Our LCD Indicator Panel alerts staff to alarm activation and system faults.

On alarm or fault the unit sounds and displays a message indicating the alarm source. The panel has a mute button to silence the sounder. A keyed reset switch can be fitted to prevent unauthorised resets.

The unit is designed for use in public areas, with a stainless steel faceplate, vandal resistant fittings and anti‑tamper fixings. Other finishes and alternative engraving are available on request.

Suitable for custodial, security, care, disability alarms and similar applications


Stainless steel, brushed finish, black annotation
Width: 130mm, height: 190mm (approx.)
Surface or flush back box, anti‑tamper fixings
LCD, 16‑character
Audible Alert
Integral sounder
12Vdc or 24Vdc (usually supplied by battery backed system PSU)

Suitable for