IAA 9008-203: Indicator Panel Bespoke

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  • Bespoke indicator panels for alarm / panic / affray strips
  • Alerts staff to alarms and faults
  • Custom engraving / silk screening / tactile / Braille
  • Keyed / standard reset button, mute button, alarm LEDs, fault LEDs, LCD, sounder
  • Output for auxiliary beacons / sounders
  • Can incorporate controls from other systems
  • Steel / aluminium / other construction
  • Flush or surface mount, anti‑tamper fixings
  • Manufactured to your specifications

Our Intelligent Affray Alarm Range

We supply standard, illuminated and IP65 alarm‑strips, in a range of colours and styles. Fixings for corners, bends, etc. are also available enabling strips to be mounted in most locations. Our system can control up to 150 strips and is monitored from tough, stainless steel, indicator panels which can be customised to match site requirements.

Indicator Panel Bespoke

We offer bespoke intelligent affray alarm indicator panels for your application.

The panel size, construction, control and indicator layout, and engraving can all be customised to suit your site.

We can also incorporate controls and indicators from other systems, if required.

Our experienced design engineers will ensure that the customised panel is suitable for your operating environment, with vandal resistant fittings, anti‑tamper fixings etc.

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