VC 7000-012: Master Station Graphical PC

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  • Fully functional audiovisual operator workstation
  • Suitable for integration with locking control / security management systems
  • Video displayed in GUI
  • Audio on speakers, operator console or headsets
  • Can be networked to control multiple systems
  • Remote workstations can be used for night operation, emergency control rooms, etc.
  • Call status information, call logs
  • Standard PC architecture for long‑term support

Our Videcom Range

Our Videcom series is a range of easy to install, easy to operate audio/video equipment, enabling you to install tough, reliable, vandal resistant intercom and video intercom systems.

Master Station Graphical PC

Our VC 7000‑012 is a user‑friendly, plan‑based, graphical master station with on‑screen video and integrated audio.

The master station offers a user‑friendly interface for easy operation. The hardware is PC based for flexibility and long‑term support.

Our PC master stations can be networked over site or dedicated networks using standard networking equipment and cabling. Networked master stations can be located remotely and used as central, emergency and night time videcom control stations.

The master station is suitable for integration with locking control and security management systems.


PC based for long‑term support
LCD screen or touch screen to suit application
Speakers, operator consoles, headsets to suit application
230Vac (mains)
Optional UPS or connection to site UPS to suit application

Suitable for


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