UPDATE: Alarms Over IP

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About Our IP Alarm Systems

Our alarms over IP systems make use of existing network infrastructure to offer more flexible, BS 8300‑2 and document m compatible systems whilst reducing installation time and costs. There is no need to install long cable runs or figure out how to bypass obstacles. Let somebody else do the donkey work.

For remote monitoring, we offer our networked ‘traditional’, vandal resistant, stainless steel, LCD panels and NIOS GUI workstations. Both types of device offer a Document M compatible remote, timed, acknowledge function. The NIOS workstation also offers event logging, site plans showing alarm source and fault reporting ‐ ideal for larger sites.

For legacy systems, we offer a range of interfaces for transmitting traditional communication signals over IP networks, allowing us to take advantage of network cabling when upgrading systems or adding new devices to existing equipment.

All of our networked alarm systems offer battery backed stand‑alone operation with local beacon, sounder and acknowledge buttons. Our alarms work when the network or mains supply is interrupted.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Available for most or our alarm systems, please contact us for details.

  • Saves installation time / costs ‐ uses existing infrastructure.

  • Adds Document M compatibility to existing systems ‐ remote monitoring and acknowledge functions.

  • Helps improves staff response ‐ NIOS workstations show plans indicating source of alarm.

  • Great for larger sites ‐ offering both local and central backup monitoring.

  • Network and mains fail operation ‐ stand‑alone battery backed operation with local beacon sounder and acknowledge.

  • Offers easy upgrade path for existing systems ‐ transmits traditional comms. over IP networks.

  • Extends system life ‐ increases flexibility making additions and alterations easier.

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