UPDATE: 3rd Gen Networked Assistance Alarms

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About Our 3rd Generation Networked Alarm System

Designed for networks: our 3rd generation assistance alarm system has been designed with networking in mind. Building on our experience with existing systems we have incorporated new features to offer more flexibility and simplify installation/maintenance on large sites.

Increased availability: our existing systems all offer stand‑alone operation in the event of a network failure and battery backed operation during mains failure. Our new 3rd generation system adds cable, system, mains, battery and network fault monitoring, faults are indicated on the local system controllers and automatically displayed on operator workstations, making staff quickly aware and helping maintenance ensure high system availability.

More flexibility: in addition to BS 8300‑2 and Document M compatible emergency assistance alarms, our 3rd generation system offers duress/affray/panic alarms, occupancy/presence alarms, nurse call, multiple workstations, alarm‑strips and wireless IP networking.

No Compromise Compatibility: our new system offers full compatibility to existing NIOS alarms and continued support for our great range of vandal resistant devices.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced engineers.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Designed for networking ‑ system controller and network interface housed with backup batteries in in PSU.

  • Emergency assistance function ‑ for accessible toilets, showers, etc.

  • Duress/affray/panic alarm function ‑ for receptions, secure areas, etc.

  • Nurse call function ‑ for consulting rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

  • Compatible with standards ‑ BS 8300‑2 and document M.

  • Multiple graphic master/workstations ‑ suitable for larger systems.

  • Integral cable, mains, battery, system and network fault monitoring ‑ local and remote reporting.

  • Resilient solution ‑ continues to operates stand‑alone if network or mains fails.

  • Vandal resistant design ‑ ideal for public use.

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