RA7700.02: Controller Standard, 5-Way

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  • 5‑way standard system controller for our disabled refuge EVCS
  • Outstation microphone gain and speaker volume adjust
  • I/O for BMS or other external systems
  • Lockable mild‑steel, surface‑mount enclosure with knockouts for cable glands
  • Designed to accommodate larger fire‑resistant cables

Our Disabled Refuge EVCS Range

Folknoll's vandal resistant, BS 5839‑9 compatible, disabled refuge EVCS system offers cost‑effective solutions for shops, offices, hotels, factories and other public spaces.

Controller Standard, 5-Way

This unit comprises a 5‑zone disabled refuge EVCS controller housed in a surface mount enclosure with space for the management of fire resistant cables.

Outstations are star wired to a controller. Controllers are looped together with the master station. The combination of loop and star cabling enables installers to match system cabling to building layouts.

Controllers perform outstation audio path testing. Testing can be triggered manually from the master station or automatically by an external device, e.g. BMS or timer. If any faults are detected the fault is reported by the master station and the fault output is activated to drive external devices, e.g. indicator lamps.

Controllers also provide adjustments for outstation microphone gain and speaker output level.

The RA7700.02 can be used stand‑alone or with additional controllers, offering great solutions for larger sites.


Mild steel, painted finish, grey
Internal fuse
Audio test input
Volt free
System fault output
Closing contact (COM/NC/NO)
24Vdc (usually supplied from our battery backed system PSU)

Suitable for


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