CC 9004-405: WDU, Custom Panels, Stainless

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  • Custom cell call display panels
  • Designed to your specifications
  • Stainless steel faceplate, anti‑tamper fixings
  • Screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance

Our Custodial Cell Call Range

Our custodial cell call products range offers a comprehensive collection of tough, reliable, standard cell call units, for use in Magistrates' Courts, Police Custody Suites and similar high security establishments. As original manufacturers we also design and build custom units made to match existing systems, offering simpler and more cost‑effective solutions for maintenance and upgrades to legacy systems.

Custodial Cell Call Wing Disply Units, WDUs

Wing display units indicate the state of a group or wing of cell call units. They are normaly mounted in a "wing" office or other permenantly staffed area, to report cell call activation and allow staff to organise a response.

The CC 9004-405: WDU, Custom Panels, Stainless Steel

Folknoll offer a full design and manufacture service to supply custom vandal resistant, stainless steel cell call indicator panels.

Please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

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