CC 9004-109: CCU Lights X2, Extra Tough Stainless

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  • Extra tough, combined cell call unit and light control panel
  • Illuminated emergency call button
  • Illuminated call button
  • 2 light control buttons
  • Vandal resistant buttons
  • Anti‑tamper fixings
  • Single RJ45 connector for easy installation and maintenance
  • Extra tough, 2.5mm, vandal resistant, brushed finished, stainless steel, front panel
  • Black / red silk screened annotation
  • Cell call, SMS and custody suite system compatible

Our Custodial Cell Call Range

Our custodial cell call products range offers a comprehensive collection of tough, reliable, standard cell call units, for use in Magistrates' Courts, Police Custody Suites and similar high security establishments. As original manufacturers we also design and build custom units made to match existing systems, offering simpler and more cost‑effective solutions for maintenance and upgrades to legacy systems.

Custodial Cell Call, CCUs

CCUs are installed in cells to enable occupants to call for assistance. We offer a variety of CCUs for different types of facilities, but all of our CCUs have a call button to initiate cell calls. When a cell call is initiated, the cell call system alerts staff and guides them to the source of the call by activating the associated corridor reset unit (CRU) and appropriate landing indicator units (LIUs). The source of the call will also be displayed on the appropriate wing display unit (WDU) and/or workstations.

CCU Lights X2, Extra Tough Stainless

Our CC 9004‑109 is and extra tough, vandal resistant combined cell call unit and light control panel.

The front panel has an illuminated EMERGENCY button to initiate emergency cell calls, an illuminated CALL button to initiate standard cell calls and two buttons to control cell lighting. The call and emergency button illumination LEDs are used to indicate call progress and reassure cell occupants.

For extra protection this unit features 2.5mm stainless steel construction, vandal resistant buttons and anti‑tamper fixings.

The standard front panel is made from brushed finish stainless steel and annotated in black and red with the words LIGHT 1, LIGHT 2, EMERGENCY and CALL. Other finishes and alternative annotation are available on request.



Light 1 and 2 points
Large, vandal‑resistant, push buttons
Emergency and call points
Large, vandal‑resistant, red illuminated, push buttons
Progress indicators
Call and emergency button illumination
Single RJ45
Dimensions (front panel)
Width: 80mm, height: 240mm, depth: 55mm (approx.)
Dimensions (back box)
Width: 55mm, height: 210mm, depth: 60mm (approx.)
Front plate
Stainless steel (304/1.4301), 2.5mm, brushed finish
Black / red silk screened

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