WC7801: Controller Central Radio Receiver

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  • Receives WC7810 Radio Pendant Panic button presses
  • Recognises up to 1000 different pendants
  • Code hopping high security
  • International Approvals

Our Warden Call Range

Folknoll offer a range of warden call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of warden‑controlled care homes and sheltered accommodation.

Controller Central Radio Receiver

The WC7801 Central Radio Receiver detects panic button presses from WC7810 radio pendent transmitters.

The receiver is capable of recognising up to 1000 different transmitters.

If a button press is detected the warden call system alerts staff by calling the wardens hand unit or DECT handset and can also activate sounders and/or beacons depending on the site configuration.

Residents and staff can activate an alarm anywhere within range of the receiver. No need to find a speech unit, pull cord or call point to call for assistance.

This product requires a WC7804 Central Radio Receiver Aerial.


Max number of transmitters
Transmitter type
Aerial type
1000 m (clear line of sight)
73.225 MHz

Suitable for



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