WC7602: Speech Unit Door Entry

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  • Warden call speech unit with door entry control
  • High‑quality, 2‑way speech
  • Remote door release control
  • Attractive low‑profile design
  • All call facility
  • Timed control centre access facility Privacy with emergency override
  • Proven long‑term reliability
  • Inputs for pull switches, smoke detectors, heat detectors, panic buttons, etc.
  • Can be used in conjunction with radio pendants

Our Warden Call Range

Folknoll offer a range of warden call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of warden‑controlled care homes and sheltered accommodation.

Speech Unit Door Entry

Speech units are installed in residential units and strategic locations and provide an alarm pull cord, high‑quality two‑way speech, alarm inputs, hand‑unit hosting, etc.

The WC7602 Prestige Door Entry Speech Unit provides the standard speech unit features with additional door entry controls.

Visitors use a door entry panel in the entrance to call the resident. The resident can talk with the visitor and remotely unlock the entrance if desired.


Width: 100mm, height: 230mm, depth: 35mm (approx.)
Pull cord
Cord supplied with one pull handle
Screw terminals (for easy installation)
Line powered

Suitable for



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