SDD9223: Portable Engineers Terminal, Stainless

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  • Test terminal for pedestrian sliding door mechanism
  • Local door control
  • Quick, easy and accurate fault diagnosis
  • Saves maintenance down time
  • Minimises disruption
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Health and safety benefits
  • Large red emergency stop button
  • Tough, vandal resistant, brushed finish, stainless steel plate
  • Black silk screened annotation

Our Sliding Door Drives Range

The Folknoll Electric Pedestrian Sliding Door Drive has been designed for use in HM Prison Service and similar institutions. The drive is fully compliant with Home Office specifications and is compatible with SMS and locking control systems. The drive is intended as a ’safer’ alternative to traditional hydraulic powered doors for new and existing installations.

Portable Engineers Terminal, Stainless

Our SDD9223 Portable Engineer’s Sliding Door Terminal offers local control of a MK II Electric Pedestrian Sliding Door Drive for commissioning, testing, maintenance, etc.

The terminal is easily connected to the door drive Intelligent Test Box using our standard SDD9228 cable set.

The terminal is specifically designed to be portable. It is supplied in a rugged enclosure with a convenient carrying handle. Control and drive power is derived from the 24Vdc and mains supplies within the door mechanism. There is no need for additional mains cables, batteries, etc.

The terminal is fitted with big, tough, buttons which can be used to operate the door in three different modes.

  • Standard perform full open or close cycle.
  • Auto repeatedly open and close the door.
  • Nudge small movements to help test individual parts of the door operation cycle.

Main control system isolation
The door drive is isolated from the main control system to prevent accidental activation by control room staff during maintenance.

Local emergency stop button
The terminal is fitted with a large red emergency stop button in case of emergency.


Front plate
Stainless steel (304/1.4301), brushed finish
Black silk screened

Suitable for