GA121-60: Indicator Panel, LED, 60-Zone, Stainless

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  • Stainless steel LED alarm indicator panel
  • 60 zones / groups
  • Sounder / alarm reset button / lamp test button
  • Power status indicators
  • Surface mount enclosure
  • Compatible with approved custodial alarm systems
  • NOMS compliant

About our Indicator Panel, LED, 60-Zone, Stainless

Our NOMS compliant general alarm equipment can be used to construct a wide range of custodial alarm systems including general, officer, staff and affray alarm systems.

The stainless steel 60‑way LED indicator panel alerts staff to alarm activation with an internal sounder and illuminates LEDs to indicate active alarm zones / groups.

Indicator panels can be combined with other Folknoll general alarm equipment to form a site wide custodial alarm system.


Stainless steel, brushed finish, black annotation with viewing window
Mild steel surface mounting back box, black painted
Width: 325mm, height: 500mm, depth: 110mm (approx.)
Line powered from system PSU

Suitable for