GA 9005-104: Call Point Surface, Aluminium Red

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  • Red NOMS Compliant alarm call point
  • Large mushroom call button
  • Internal anti‑tamper switch
  • Red painted, die‑cast aluminium construction
  • Matching surface mount enclosure
  • Anti‑tamper fixings

Our General Alarm Range

Our NOMS compliant general alarm equipment can be used to construct a wide range of custodial alarm systems including general, officer, staff and affray alarm systems.

Call Point Surface, Aluminium Red

Our GA 9005‑104 is a NOMS compliant, red, alarm call point, with a large mushroom call button and an internal anti‑tamper switch.

Suitable for use with Folknoll affray alarm and other approved custodial systems.


Call point
Large, easy‑strike, mushroom, push button
Width: 78mm, height: 78mm (approx.)
Die-cast aluminium, red painted
Surface mount back box, die‑cast aluminium, matching painted finish

Suitable for