FT 5100-201: Master Station, Graphical PC

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  • User‑friendly, plan-based, GUI
  • Touch screen options
  • Standard PC hardware for long‑term support
  • Hardware format to suit requirements
  • Mains powered (UPS supplied)

About our Master Station, Graphical PC

The 5100 series is a range of easy to install and easy to operate fire telephone equipment, designed to enable you and your clients to install a BS 5839 compliant fire telephone system.

The FT 5100‑201 is a PC based fire telephone master station with a user-friendly, plan-based, GUI, for easy operation.

The hardware is PC based for cost‑-effective, long‑term support. The PC format i.e. enclosure, screen / touch screen, headset, speakers, microphone, etc. is supplied to match your requirements.

The master station comes complete with a compliant UPS to maintain operation in the event of a mains supply failure.

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