FTS 6112.00: Handset

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  • Red fire telephone hand set
  • Integral speech circuit
  • Auto dial
  • Rugged construction
  • Coiled cable with large jack plug
  • suitable for use with our fireman's socket

Our Fire Telephone Range

The 5100 series is a range of easy to install and easy to operate fire telephone equipment, designed to enable you and your clients to install a BS 5839 compliant fire telephone system.


Our bright red fireman's handset comes with a flexible coiled cable and large robust jack plug. Simply plug into the nearest fireman's jack socket and the handset will automatically dial the system master station.

The robust construction, simple operation and large jack plug make this unit ideal for operation by ‘large’ fingers in emergency situations.

Suitable for use with the Folknoll Fireman's Jack Socket FTS 6111.02


Length: 200mm, diameter of mouthpiece and earpiece: 60mm (approx.)

Suitable for