Disabled Toilet Alarm Strips

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  • Illuminated, alarm‑strips for emergency assistance alarms, etc. LED illumination, flashes on alarm, steady if ready, off if fault ‑ provides reassurance, deterrent and alarm received confirmation Can be mounted horizontally / vertically / at an angle, special fittings available for bends, corners, etc. IP67 and antimicrobial options available Ideal for toilets, showers, bathrooms, saunas, poolside, etc.
  • Multiple devices can be combined to activate a single alarm ‐ Covers larger areas and increases accessibility
  • Tough vandal resistant designs ‐ Suitable for installation in public places

Our Disabled Toilet Alarm range

Our vandal resistant emergency assistance alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300‑2 and document M compatible systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone alarms, multiple alarm systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVCS, building alarms, etc. For larger and smarter sites, we offer networked solutions with optional BMS interfaces. Ideal for hospitals, railway stations, hotels, airports and other public spaces.


Alarm‑strips offer a great alternative to pull cords and call points, especially in locations where pull cords and call points are not appropriate. Alarm‑strips can be mounted horizontally, at an angle or vertically. Brackets, corners, bends, etc. are available for changes in direction. Multiple strips can activate the same alarm system, allowing parallel strips at different heights along a wall. Strips can also be combined with pull cords and call points to cover a wider area and increase alarm accessibility.