VD 9007-003: Electric Winder Control Kit

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  • Electric winder control kit
  • Enables operators to control electric winder mechanism (open and close gates)
  • Wall or gate mount control box
  • Detachable remote control
  • IP65 for outdoor use
  • Compatible with emergency electric winder systems
  • Suitable for custodial sites

About our Electric Winder Control Kit

When a hydraulic vehicle door breaks down, very often the alternative is a back‑breaking, manual‑wind system with associated staff welfare and health and safety issues. Our emergency electric‑wind system offers a quick, easy, alternative to back‑breaking manual‑wind systems, allowing your site to continue operation in the event of a hydraulic or control system failure.

The VD9007‑003 electric winder control kit provides an IP65, wall/gate mount, control box with a hand‑held remote control. Together they enable an operator to control the electric winder system and operate the vehicle door.


Dimensions (control box excluding connector)
Width: 200mm, height: 200mm, depth: 120mm (approx.)
Dimensions (remote control unit)
Width: 50mm, height: 200mm, depth: 40mm (approx.)
Ingress protection

Suitable for


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