LC 9003-101: Access Indicator Red, Amber, Green

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  • Three State Access Indicator
  • Bright, red, amber and green LEDs
  • Vandal resistant steel panel
  • Compatible with locking control, SMS and other custodial systems
  • Black silk screened annotation
  • Ideal for key dispensing and other interlocked systems

Our Locking Control Range

The Folknoll custodial locking system is a Home Office approved / NOMS compliant, site‑wide, automated electric locking control system, implementing interlocking protocols, incident overrides, emergency stops, key access control, etc.

Access Indicator Red, Amber, Green

Our LC 9003‑101 Access Indicator is mounted adjacent to a controlled door to indicate the locking state and what action a user should take, i.e. wait, standby or go.

The indicator panel can be used in conjunction with locking and interlocking control systems to control flow through the system. The panel is also suitable for use with special systems, e.g. key access control.

The access indicator unit has a vandal resistant, white painted, steel, panel annotated in black with the words Wait, Stand By and Go.

For control and monitoring of locking, videcom, general alarm, PIDs, etc. please refer to our integrated Security Management System (SMS).


Black silk screened

Suitable for