DE 6000-032: Kit Video

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  • Five button video phone
  • Lock release button, camera recall button and three service buttons
  • Manual camera pan and tilt
  • Easy 6‑wire install (no coax)
  • Brightness and contrast control
  • Illuminated push button name plate on the door panel
  • Optional mono cameras and IR illumination
  • Independently adjustable transmit and receive speech volumes
  • Up to three video phones per button
  • Optional audio telephones, sounders, strobes and telephone interface

Our Door Entry Range

Folknoll offer a complete range of door entry systems from basic single door to sophisticated digital systems. We also offer installation, maintenance and repair services for door entry systems throughout East Anglia.

Kit Video

The DE 6000‑032 video kit is an easy install (no coax) video door entry system kit, with optional colour cameras and video illumination.

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