UPDATE: Our Partner In The Middle East

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About Horizon Telecom, Our Partner In The Middle East

Dubai based electronic systems installer Horizon Telecom is working with Folknoll to supply and install public use emergency assistance alarms, disabled refuge EVCS and other products.

HORIZON TELECOM works with its clients through a combination of deep‑level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today's technologies including innovations around ELV, Security & Communication Systems space with a mature and highly capable, delivery and services infrastructure.

HORIZON TELECOM offerings help our customers improve processes, reduce data centre and infrastructure costs, manage risk and governance and enhance top‑line revenue. Our business approach is based on establishing long‑ term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

HORIZON TELECOM has established strong industry ties, with the highest level of accreditation and in addition to an eco‑system of complementary vendors. This enables HORIZON TELECOM to deliver a breadth of best‑of‑breed solutions to its customers.

Please contact Horizon Telecom to discuss your requirements.

Tel: +971 4 299 3355 | Fax: +971 4 299 3388 | P.O. Box: 54726, Dubai ‑ UAE | Email: info@horizon‑telecom.ae | URL: www.horizon‑telecom.ae

Features -+

Summary of system features.
  • Dubai based ‑ Friendly expertise, familiar with Middle Eastern business cultures.

  • Fast response ‑ Locally based engineers for short travelling times, no time zone issues with support.

  • Emergency Assistance Alarms ‑ BS and document M compliant systems for disabled / PRM toilets, bathrooms, etc.

  • Disabled Refuge EVCS ‑ Tough, reliable, compliant systems for public buildings.

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