NC7604: Pull Cord, ABS

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  • Additional alarm call point for residents or staff
  • Activation delay to reduce the risk of accidental calls
  • 3000mm pull cord with two pull handles for high‑level and low‑level operation
  • Alarm activated reassurance LED
  • Can be looped together for multiple activation points

About our Pull Cord, ABS

Folknoll offer a range of nurse call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of nursing homes and similar institutions.

The NC7604 Ceiling Pull Cord provides additional alarm call points for nurse call systems, making it easier for residents and staff to summon assistance.

When the cord is pulled an alarm is activated. The integral reassurance LED is illuminated and the remote indicator panel alerts staff by generating alarm tones and displaying messages. Depending on‑site configuration additional beacons and sounders may also be activated.

To reduce the risk of accidental activation the cord must be pulled and held for at least 0.25 seconds

Pull cords can be looped together to provide multiple call points e.g. for residential units with kitchens, en suite bathrooms, toilets, etc.

The unit is supplied with a 3000mm cord and two pull handles to allow alarm activation from two levels.


ABS, white
Diameter: 78mm, depth: 40mm (approx.)
3000mm cord with 2 pull handles
12Vdc / 24Vdc (usually supplied by a battery backed system PSU)

Suitable for