DT7501.03: Network Interface, Pair

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  • Extends and integrates alarm system over IP network
  • Adds remote emergency assistance and disabled toilet alarms to existing systems
  • Integrates remote alarm systems

About our Network Interface, Pair

Our vandal resistant disabled toilet alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300‑2:2018 and document M compliant systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone toilet alarms, multiple toilet systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVC, fire telephone, building alarms, etc. Interfaces for BMS and transmission over IP are also available. Ideal for shops, offices, hotels, factories and similar locations.

Our network interfaces extend the disabled toilet alarm system over dedicated or existing network infrastructure, reducing installation costs and allowing monitoring of remote sites without additional cabling.

The standard network interface is supplied in a CS rail mounting enclosure, for easy installation in racks systems, PSUs, etc.

All connections are screw terminal or RJ45 for easy on‑site installation.


CS rail
12Vdc, usually supplied by battery backed system PSU
Network connector
System / power connector
4‑way screw terminal

Suitable for


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