Disabled Refuge EVCS

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Disabled Refuge EVCS Range

  • BS 5839‑9 compatible refuge EVCS
  • Vandal resistant outstations and master stations
  • Adjustable audio output level, up to 80dB for noisy environments
  • Integral fault monitoring and automatic audio path testing
  • Keyed enable switch
  • Battery backed PSU, in case of mains failure
  • Closing contact, serial and IP interfaces for BMS and other remote systems
  • Easy configuration, simple operation
  • Can be combined with Folknoll emergency assistance alarms, door exit alarms, fire telephone and other systems

About our Disabled Refuge EVCS

Folknoll's vandal resistant, BS 5839‑9 compatible, disabled refuge EVCS system offers cost‑effective solutions for shops, offices, hotels, factories and other public spaces.

Our great range of outstations, master stations and control equipment enable Folknoll to construct systems to suit your requirements including multilingual, photoluminescent, Braille and tactile annotation, induction loops, vandal resistance, weather resistance, third‑party interfaces and much more. We can even combine our disabled refuge EVCS with fire telephones, emergency assistance / disabled toilet and other building alarms to provide great solutions for smaller sites.

Compact Systems
For smaller sites, we offer our cost‑effective compact system. All system control equipment, PSUs and standby batteries are built into our fire‑panel‑sized master stations. Simply connect mains and outstations for a complete system.

Standard Systems
For larger systems, we offer our more flexible standard system, with customisable vandal resistant master stations for exposed areas, additional cabling options, remote monitoring, additional third‑party interfaces, etc.

All of our standard and compact disabled refuge equipment has been designed for use with larger fire‑resistant cabling (BS requirement), with knock‑outs for larger glands, screw terminals and extra space for cable management within enclosures. Saving junction boxes, installation time, costs, etc.

Fault Monitoring
Our systems benefit from integral fault monitoring and automatic audio path testing. For BMS and other third‑party systems we offer a range of interfaces to trigger audio testing and monitor faults.

Manual / Automatic Enable
Our master stations have keyed enable switches allowing authorised operators to activate the refuge systems when an emergency occurs. Our systems can also be automatically enabled by third‑party equipment e.g. fire alarm systems.

Mains Fail
With all of our systems we offer battery backed PSUs providing at least 24 hours of standby operation and 30 minutes of active operation.

Designed for Life

At Folknoll all of our products are designed for easy installation, simple configuration, straightforward operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Custom Units

Folknoll is a customer focused company. If you require special software features, custom made units or larger systems, then please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

Please Contact Us or visit our Downloads page for further information about Folknoll products.

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