UPDATE: Disabled Toilet Alarm Water Resistant Call Point

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About Disabled Toilet Alarm Water Resistant Call Point

Our all new DT 7800‑134 is a high‑quality, water‑resistant, pneumatic, alarm 'button' designed for use in showers, saunas, poolside, etc.

The standard unit comes with a large, easy to press, green 'button' and a chrome faceplate, equally at home in a smart hotel or sports facility. Other colours and finishes are available on request.

The 'button' is a pneumatic bellows which operates a remote pneumatic switch to activate an alarm. The only link between the two units is a pneumatic tube. No electrical components are required in the 'wet' area.

Our pneumatic 'button' is suitable for use with any of our disabled toilet or other emergency assistance systems.

Features -+

Summary of system features.

  • Easy to press with finger or palm.

  • High‑quality design suitable for hotels, gyms, sports facilities, etc.

  • Choice of colours and finishes.

  • No electrical components required in 'wet' areas.

  • Ideal for showers, saunas, poolside, etc.

  • Compatible with all Folknoll disabled toilet alarms and other emergency assistance alarms.

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